Welcome to New Granade Rural School's Wikipace!Academic Year 2011


  • Country: Colombia
  • Department: Valle del Cauca
  • Municipality: Cartago
  • Educative Institution: New Granade
  • School: New Granade
  • Village: Coloradas

School Population

  • Number of Teachers: 4
  • Number of Students: 62
  • Students in Elementary: 44
  • Students in Post-Elementary: 28
  • Teachers in Elementary: Élkin Flórez and Bibiana Ramírez.
  • Teachers in Post-Elementary (Mid-school): Ismael Rodríguez and Angélica Guevara.

Purpose of this site:

  • To allow post-elementary students to expand the contents to be learned.
  • To publish students' creations.
  • To create connections among other rural schools of the world in order to help not only the school but the community to grow and improve their quality of life.

Author of this site: Angélica Guevara Bernal